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   Transfer of the " TRAVELING GAVEL" again took place on March 9th, 2006 at Mississauga Lodge's regular meeting , when both Joseph. A Hearn Lodge and Ionic Lodge came to claim the Traveling Gavel. Both Lodges brought large delegations but Joseph. A Hearn Lodge triumphed by one member and took home the prize.

 Left to right W. Bro. Larry Budd, Worshipful Master of Ionic Lodge # 229,
  W. Bro. Paul Jackman, Worshipful Master of Mississauga Lodge # 524,
     presenting the "Traveling Gavel"
      to the the successful challenger,
W. Bro. Jim Gouda, Worshipful Master of Joseph A.

Mississauga Lodge #524 - Ionic Lodge #229

   On Wednesday January 12, 2004 eighteen members of Joseph A Hearn Lodge # 685 traveled, as a group, to Runnymede lodge to lay claim to the traveling gavel.

   Clearly outnumbering all other visitors, the attempt was successful and our lodge's Master W. Bro. John Sanders gracefully accepted receipt of the Traveling Gavel.

About the Annette Street Building:

Some buildings boast unique architecture, antiquity, fine art, or even roots in local history. The Annette Street temple has all of these, and one thing more. It has the last pipe organ in a Masonic Lodge in Toronto and probably one of the last in Ontario.

The instrument was built in the early 1900's, an age of elegance when pipe organs graced salons in stately homes, like Lady Eaton’s mansion, or “Dunvegan”, Sir Sandford Fleming’s manor, or Sir Henry Pellat’s Casa Loma. The builder, Leonard Morel, learned his trade from Casavant Freres in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, and plied his skills in Toronto.

Annette Street Temple - Freemasons

Masonry in West Toronto started with Stanley Lodge number 426 in 1890. Shekinah Chapter followed in 1904, and Victoria Lodge number 474 in 1905. The three built the West Toronto Masonic Temple. Others that originated in or moved to the temple are University 496, General Mercer 548, Kilwinning, King Hiram 566, Fidelity 575, Runnymede 619, and Prince of Wales 630.