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"A History of the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of
Canada in the Province of Ontario 1855-1955."

 Our lodge bears the name of
Joseph Alonzo Hearn
Born: 1895 
Died: December 24th, 1968

M.W. Bro. Joseph A. Hearn
Grand Master 1953-1954

1895 - Born on a farm in the heart of Grey County, near Markdale, Ontario.

1923 - Bro. Joseph A. Hearn was made a Mason in Royal Arthur Lodge No. 85 G.R.Q, in Montreal, Quebec.

1923 - Affiliated with Canada Lodge No. 532 G.R.C., in Pickering, Ontario.

1930 - Installed as Master of Canada Lodge No. 532 G.R.C.

1937 - Elected Grand Junior Warden.

1944 - Elected to the Grand Lodge Board of General Purposes.

1950-1951 President of the Masonic Relief Association of the U.S.A. and Canada.

1951 - Elected Deputy Grand Master.

1953 - Installed as the 48th Grand Master of the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

Other Masonic Offices held:


President of the Toronto Past Masters' & Wardens' Association.


Chairman of the Committees of Audit & Finance.


Chairman of Benevolence.


Chairman of the Board of General Purposes.

Other Public Offices held:


President of the Toronto Auto Dealers' Association.


President of the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association of Canada.


President of the Riverdale Kiwanis.


Lieutenant-Governor of the Kiwanis Ontario Division.

Actively identified with:


Board of Managers of the St. James-Bond United Church.


Toronto Board of Trade.


The Granite Club.


Big Brother Movement.

All this and he ran his own 'Hearn' Ford Auto Dealership in Toronto (Islington)

In 1955, M.W. Bro. Joseph A. Hearn presided over the Grand Lodge Centennial Celebration, doing honor to the great company of Masons who advanced the cause of Masonry in the Province of Ontario during the preceding 100 years.  

The Grand Master's Banquet was the biggest ever served on any occasion in the History of Canada (to that date).  It was held in the Automotive Building of the C.N.E. (Canadian National Exhibition Grounds), the only place available of this size in the city of Toronto. Close to 3,300 dinners passed the turnstiles and there were 150 guests seated at the Head Table.  It took 400 people to prepare and serve the dinner.  There were 56,000 pieces of silverware and dishes used at the banquet; and the tables placed end to end, would have reached three-quarters of a mile. The records also show, there was plenty of food: 3,000 pounds of chicken, 4,000 pounds of potatoes, and 250 gallons of coffee were served! (A Junior Warden's Nightmare) 

In 1955, the Grand Lodge elections had one noteworthy result - the elections of R.W. Bro. & Most Rev. W.L. Wright, Archbishop of Algoma and Metropolitan of Ontario to the Office of Grand Master. This was the first time in the History of our Grand Lodge in Ontario that a clergyman has had the honor to preside in the Grand East. 

It was during M.W. Bro. & Most Rev. Wright's term of office, in 1956, that our Joseph A. Hearn Lodge No. 685 G.R.C. was approved, instituted, constituted and consecrated.

7 September 1956 - M.W. Bro. Joseph A. Hearn was made the first Honorary Life Member of Joseph A. Hearn Lodge.

12 October 1956 - The Ceremony of Consecration and Dedication of J. A. Hearn Lodge.  M. W. Bro. Joseph Alonzo Hearn assumed the Chair for the evening.

24 December 1968 - M.W. Bro. Hearn passed away, at the age of 73 years.

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