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       Sorry about the Cheesy looking Dated Page as the Webmaster it has been asked and suggested that we update this page and make it a more modern and dynamic site.

   The page was suggested then created by our W. Bro. Jim Gouda, by his own admission he said it was a simple page of borrowed screens and fonts and images but it served a purpose to talk about our lodge and a bit about masonry. Sure there were better sites about the craft and we shouldn't try to compete this was just to get some information out and to get the ever important "HOW TO JOIN" page out there. You have to remember this was set up before almost all lodges had pages and even by its' simple graphics and low quality it was the only contact out there and became very busy and visited and our membership grew substantially. Now you will find that governed by Grand Lodge many lodges and districts have well laid out pages and the expanding of the craft is going well, and even travelling members find it is also much easier to find lodge times and locations then even a few years ago. More than a few brothers have submitted newer and more interesting pages but they all have the same basic information and a few fancier links.

        It was felt that as a sign of respect we would keep this simple format till it was no longer supported by its software.

    Thanks Jim



In Memoriam


W. Bro. Jim Gouda


Born –18 November, 1952

Initiated – 13 November, 1998

Passed to the Grand Lodge Above

21 March, 2007


His memory we revere… His loss we deplore



W. Bro. Jim Gouda

Master 2005




GOUDA, James (Jim) Anthony

   Jim passed away on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 at the age of 54. Greatly loved and missed by his wife Dana and his sons Martin and Kevin and his daughter Melanie, and his stepchildren Milan and Dana, Beloved son of Renee Gouda of Montreal and brothers William of Princeton, N.J. and Gilbert of Oshawa, Predeceased by his father George. Jim was past master of the Joseph A. Hearn Masonic Lodge. Special thanks to the Ian Anderson House in Oakville, where Jim peacefully spent his last week of life. Cremation has taken place. Memorial donations may be made to the Ian Anderson House or the Audubon Society.